Socio-artistic methodology

We are anxious to derive a socio-artistic methodology based on the activities that are being developed in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. In striving for the dissemination of our methodology, we keep on putting the students and their talents first. This page represents our ongoing learning activities that will be put together in a methodology when concluding this project.

In the Netherlands, Nieuwe Veste explored intergenerational reflection, self-valuation and self-presentation through a non-verbal medium. What did we learn? Amongst other things that non-verbal creation is a strong intermediate way of opening up in a group, while verbal shiness (non-written) fades away when talking about an object rather than directly talking about one’s own life, values, beliefs.

In Germany, Beschäftigung und Bildung is developing a guide to deplore blended learning in a socio-artistic context. The focus in this guide is on matching theory with equally as much insights from praxis. We are happy to share this work-in-progress document in order to maximize the gathering of inzights and feedback from our transnational learning community. Find the guide-under-construction here and don’t shy away from sharing your insights and feedback via

Beschäftigung und Bildung is also producing a learning guide as to inspire and empower every professinoal to inject their day to day practice with a high dose of creativity. Per tradition in social and creative learning, this guide is built upon the praxis of doing. In May 2022 the team of B&B tested out some of the excercises and cases that are part of the learning guide. Curious about the guide itself? You can find it under our shared documents in the ‘toolbox’ section on this website.

Beschäftigung und Bildung is looking into the world, emotions and needs of youngsters and in order to do so, they co-created a podcast as a creative method of bringing the voice of the youth into the world. Apart from learning how to make a podcast (have a look at the toolbox part on this website), they also effectively produced episodes on the following topics:

anime and manga and how one can identify themselves with the main characters [part 1]

anime and manga and how one can identify themselves with the main characters [part 2]

Curious about starting a podcast? Take a look into the ‘toolbox’ section of this website to find handouts that guide you through the first steps!

In Belgium, Het Gevolg is innovating adult learning approaches by injecting common practices with a high dosis of theatrical praxis. Did you know that by calling the theatre a ‘ministry of dreams’ we succesfully create a safer and braver learning space where participants un-connect from patterns and societal expectations? What we learned so far is that theatre opens hearts and minds. Participants share with us that they value the opportunity to practice language, to overcome shyness to speak in front of others and to expand their network. Filming and documenting these realizations is very sensitive, but please do take a look at Stefan Perceval’s testimony during the 2022 Community Conference of EPALE in order to get an idea of the force of the ministry of dreams!

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