We are eager to share our lessons learned in order to make multiplication of the love, coherence and courage that participants have shown transnationally, possible. Aiming for a broad dissemination, we offer an insight in the heart of the project and share our working templates, approaches, questionnaires, methods of reflection and observation.

In the Netherlands, Nieuwe Veste is taking the lead in writing the research survey on creative learning. In preparation of that, various professionals within various (art) disciplines are interviewed in response to the central question of how creative learning proceeds. Special attention is always paid to how this is given shape within the specific field of the professional. This involves testing against the main results and conclusions of the literature survey.





Important (main) questions are:
– What is creativity?
– Why is creativity important?
– How does the process of creative learning work in relation to the discipline concerned?
– What are important preconditions?
– How do factors such as age, origin, etc. play a role in this?
– If creative learning is ‘structured improvisation’, what is the structure used in the field concerned? Does this differ from the structures in the other disciplines?
– What knowledge and skills should a teacher have?
– What role do vocational training courses play in creative learning?

In Belgium, Blenders is documenting the dynamics and synergy between artistic realisations in Het Gevolg, De Ruimte and Ligo. In order to capture the process which is going on in Turnhout, we address the following question: In what way can creativity contribute to personal development in achieving life goals and basic skills?





We formulate a separate set of questions for students and educators. Feel free to take a look in this template document and share your insights and feedback with us. 

In Germany, Beschäftigung und Bildung takes the lead in producing the guide to blended and e-learning in the socio-artistic context of adult learning. How to start thinking about the concept of e-learning? What to do’s to keep in mind and what are the first three steps to get started? Please do find inspiration in the guide to producing an e-learning service.

Are you curious about how to implement creative methods in your own job when dealing with education, management, leading an organisation (or basically any kind of job that you are performing)? Please take a look at the learning guide that was produced by the team of Beschäftigung und Bildung. You will learn that injecting your daily professional practice with a dose of creativity, is all about

• Finding your own energy and self-awareness
• Become aware of the effect on the outside
• Dealing with difficult situations
• Contact and Communication
• Body language, facial expressions, gestures

A podcas is a creative way to connect both guest speakers and listeners with a certain topic and with each other. One of the various socio-artistic activities within this project, consists out of this medium. Would you like to start your own podcast? Have a look at these handouts, they might come in handy when exploring the first steps to get you there.

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