Who are we

We are a curious collective of makers and thinkers from various (art) disciplines who conducted an applied research into creativity and art as lever for adult education, basic skills and talent development.

Together with parnters in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, we explore how to capture insights and learning outputs in a comprehensive and accessible methodology.

Blenders (Belgium)

A sensor for needs and opportunities in society, always looking to develop new solutions or strengthen existing ones. We make change happen for and by people: innovation for all by all. In doing so we focus on needs and opportunities  like adult education, digital inclusion, environmental sustainablity, entrepreneurship.

Contact person: Hanneke Claessen

Ligo (Belgium)

The umbrella organisation for the centres for basic education in Flanders, which is committed to developing and adjusting agogic projects, raising awareness of literacy, representing the interests of employers and the target group, monitoring and influencing regulations.

Contact person: Niki Swinnen

de Ruimte (Belgium)

A studio and gallery for visual arts and screen printing, a meeting place. We focus on people from vulnerable groups, people who have difficulty finding their place in society. We look at their talents and strengths and connect with companies, artists, associations and social institutions.

Contact person: Juan Monte

Het Gevolg (Belgium)

HETGEVOLG has a big heart for people who fall outside the regular social circuit: foreign-language newcomers, young refugees, people in poverty … We set up projects with them and in this way give ‘the other’ a face and a story. A story in which everyone recognises themselves. So that ‘the other’ is suddenly close by.

Contact person: Stefan Perceval

Nieuwe Veste (Netherlands)

Nieuwe Veste is a cultural organisation situated in Breda. This organisation consists of a library, a center for the Arts and a cultural education agency. Nieuwe Veste wants to offer children a broad basis in Art, Culture and Language, as well as help young people broaden their view of the world and encourage adults to actively participate in society.

Contact person: Lianne Knobel 

Beschäftigung und Bildung (Germany)

Beschäftigung und Bildung is a recognized sponsor of youth welfare. We advise, qualify and support people in difficult phases of life to develop self-determined, new an real perspectives within the scope of their personal aims and possibilities.

Contact person: Denise Knappe

What we do

During a two-year cultural participation process, we work to strengthen and connect vulnerable students.

We focus on the development and integration of skills through creativity and arts. We formulate responses to the increasing demand and acceptance of learning through effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategies. We strengthen teachers and other staff who support adult learners.

From this practice, we extract a connective socio-artistic methodology that can be sustainably deployed in learning environments.



    To organize creative learning activities in Belgium together with and for vulnerable students.


    To organize creative learning activities in Germany together with and for vulnerable students.


    To strive towards a flourishing learning community through blended learning.


    To produce a research report that allows the project results to be disseminated.


    To organize a multiplier event that allows us to share project results, outcomes and insights with a broad network.

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