What immediate change do we want to affect?

Participants become more resilient and learn to take their own responsibility in developing their creations.

Participants will be confronted with their limitations like diffidence, stage fright, male-female relationships, dealing with other cultures, power relations, etc. But they will also learn to overcome these limitations and to discover, develop and promote their talents.

The student learns to become the owner of his own path and hopefully, with this acquired ownership, he can take on other challenges in his learning process.

What intermediate change do we want to affect?

Emancipation of vulnerable groups: exchange of world views leading to more openness; discovering hidden talents, getting along better, forming a team, increasing self-confidence through passion and motivation.

Adult education has a positive influence not only on adults but also on their children. Literate parents are more involved in their children’s school and career.

Organisations will achieve better results, the quality of service will increase by working together.

This can have a huge impact on the participants’ potential to participate in society and thus increase their quality of life.


What concrete ‘things’ will we produce?
Socio-artistic methodology that serves as a means to learn basic skills and to stimulate connection and self-expression. This method focuses on the student and approaches him/her/them from an integral viewpoint: as a learner and as a person.
Op 24 januari 2023 organiseerde Blenders samen met het consortium dat achter het Art As Leverage project staat, het slotevent ‘Hearts On Stage’ (= ‘multiplier event’). In theaterwerkplaats HETGEVOLG konden genodigden proeven van de ontwikkelde sociaal-artistieke methodiek. Dit werd in volgende programmatie gegoten:
– introduction by Kris Verellen
– images say more than words: video
– musical invitation by Hannekesnest
– theatre workshop with Stefan Perceval
– creative workshop with Juan Monte
– workshop the bridge between theory and practice